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Last update: Jun 09, 2022

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The Quair Plasma Mini is a portable air purifier that combines effective Bipolar Ionization Technology that Kills bacteria and viruses using both positive and negative ions ; with a built-in fan to spread ions further in your breathing area.

Quair Process:

1.Positive and negative ionsfind and attach itself onto viruses in the air

2.The ions work togetherto extract the viruses’ life-sustaining Hydrogen

3.The virus is unable toreproduce and returns to the air as natural gas

Bipolar Ion Techonology

Quair deploys positive and negative ions that latch to possible contaminants extracting hydrogen which bacteria and viruses need to synthesize. Then hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water vapor to kill the microorganisms in the air with zero emissions.

Centrifugal Fan

As the negative and positive ions are released into the air, a centrifugal miniature fan spreads them out killing and eliminating airborne contaminants in close proximity.

Effective Against Viruses, bacteria, VOCs and Odors.

Effectively eliminates 99.99%* of viruses *Air virus elimination test conducted by SGS Hong Kong Limited tested in a test cabin contaminated with Influenza A (H3N2)


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