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Digital transformation has transformed countries, societies, and respective economies with a strong impact on everyday life and the way organizations run. However, until the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on businesses was much more limited. The real challenges in running business became evident as the country is facing acute labor shortage.  Organizations which quickly transformed their businesses embracing technological and innovative solutions are the front runners leading in their respective industries.

As the future skies are clearly open for UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) World is gearing up defining new policies and guidelines to make drone driven services legible, tangible and legal. It has been proven; Drone Services will be commercializing soon at a very large scale.

Drones & User Integration:


Propick’s niche technology solution lies in providing a web based and Mobile application interventions

through BLOCKCHAIN technology to end users, healthcare specialists, Business owners who can place work orders, such as, Identifying and Inspecting sites for commencement of work, monitor the work progress, inspect the inventory, monitor and alert on unforeseen hazards through AI interventions, apply the IOT sensors to track the performance of the equipment, safeguarding the premises, sending timely alerts to business owners on inventory status, call for SOS etc. Further the drone driven services will be engaged in delivering goods, weather forecast, monitor the supply chain and predict the ROI vs operational cost.


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