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Frequently Asked Questions

Jana’Preneur is an online B2B and B2C marketplace that promotes products and services offered by the sellers and aims to create a great online shopping experience for consumers. Initially, it was meant for ​participants who participated in Penjana HRD Corp Initiative especially B40 Development and Gerak Insan Gemilang (GIG) which allows them to earn a better income after attending training. Now, it is open to all Malaysians to register.

This platform aims to create an e-marketplace alongisde entrepreneurs development programme that allows the sellers to generate income for both products and services while developing their skills towards becoming successful entrepreneurs.

There are two (2) categories of Malaysians who are eligible to register themselves in Jana’Preneur:

  1. Trainees who participated in the PENJANA HRD Corp Initiative’s schemes, i.e.; B40 Development and Gerak Insan Gemilang (GIG); and
  2. Malaysian entrepreneurs who own product or services and wish to promote their businesses.

The trainees who participated in Penjana HRD Corp initiatives will be awarded with additional facilities compares to other seller. They will also receive relevant coaching and mentoring from their respective Training Providers and will be given more priority and assistance from Secretariat Office Staff.

There is no registration fee, however there will be charges for services such as e-payment or shipping subjected to the rate set by the provider.

Upon registration, the seller may draft their product/service post immediately. Secretariat Office will take 24 hours to approve the product/service post to ensure the relevancy of the posting.

The registration for Jana’Preneur can be made from 2 January 2021. The trainees are welcomed to register as seller anytime during or after attending training.

Upon registration, the seller needs to fill in all the details in the registration form. Some of the details will not be published but will be kept for HRDCorp’s reference.

To start off, Sellers are not require to register with SSM in order to list products and services on this platform. However, Sellers may take this opportunity to attend a series of SSM briefing conducted by Jana'Preneur to register their business.

Yes, the portal is mobile responsive. The seller and buyer may access the portal through their gadget, ie. Handphone, iPad and computer.

The advertisement will remain for one (1) year. However, the seller will receive a notification every month to update or to post new product in order to become an active seller.

You may contact our officer via email to janapreneur@dropee.com for further enquiries.

If your Seller account has been deactivated, then you may simply proceed to register for a new Seller account. Please note that any sellers who does not upload any products within 2 months of registration will automatically be deactivated.

Yes, for Bank Transfers there is a flat rate for RM2 per transaction being charged and for Credit/Debit Card, a 2% transactional fee is being charged.